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VRI Dolphs Synthite (R) ER-41

SYNTHITE(R) ER-41 Class F Red Polyurethane Insulator

ER-41 is a unique high temperature electrical insulator that dries very quickly to a smooth, semi-gloss finish This opaque, red, air dry enamel affords excellent hiding power for rebuilding and manufacturing applications
ER-41 provides extraordinary abrasion resistance, excellent chemical and moisture protection. ER-41 adheres extremely well to most surfaces. Some prime advantages of using ER-41 are:
1. Fast drying
2. Easy application - Apply by dip, brush or spray
3. High temperature rating - Class F
4. Excellent chemical resistance - May resist some degreaser solvents
5. Oil and moisture resistant - Used for rail and marine applications
6. Superior abrasion resistance
7. Excellent adhesion

Recommended Uses:
ER-41 dries to a tough, flexible film. It is an excellent choice for electrical and electronic devices such as: 
            Field Coils            Commutator Bars            Controller Shafts            Control Coils                    Bus Bars           
            Finger Blocks       Motor Frames                  Collector Rings              Oil Reservoir Interior       Switch Bases          
            Fuse Tubes          Porcelain                          Molded Bakelite            Solenoid Coils                 Soldered Joints 
            Circuit Boards      Electrical Connections                          

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