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We are authorized distributors and proud suppliers of materials from the following companies...

3M Canada (Electrical and Heatshrink division)
Aervoe Industries
Astro Chemical Company
Asheville Schoonmaker Mica Inc.
Belden CDT Canada
Current Inc.
Delfingen US, Inc
Dynamis Inc.
Fibertek Inc
Glyptal Inc.
Green Belting Industries
Hesgon Narrow Fabrics
John C. Dolph (Vonroll Isola Company)
Laycock Systems
Lectromat Inc.
Mar-Bal Inc.
Measurement Specailities
Packard Inc.
PEI Inc.
Rexnord Inc.
Sherwin Williams Canada
Superior Essex - Active Industries
Superior Essex - Magnet Wire Division
Superior Essex - Express Magnet Wire Division
Varflex Corporation
Vonroll Isola USA Inc.
Western Filament
Wolverine Joining Technologies

just to name a few...

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